Converted Railway Cars

railway car

railroad car

Last Stop for the Renegade Railroad Car
By Jeff Reiss

Far from any railroad train line, sits an authentic railroad passenger car.
Way Upcountry in Kula, perched securely on a hillside is the last remaining passenger car from the old Kahului Railroad.

Railway Car

A red caboose has been added onto the railroad car to serve as a kitchen and full bathroom. The bathroom features an authentic cast iron claw bathtub that came from an old plantation style house in Wailuku. The bright red caboose was built from scratch by Bob Rye of Koa Connection to replicate the design and look of the railroad car. It faithfully recreates the same style and feel of the railroad car. The two flow together very well. (chuga-chuga...)

(reprinted from the Sunday March 1, 1998 edition of The Maui News, Maui Living section)

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